Saturday, January 11, 2014


HEY..... i promised i was going to upload my birthday pictures and that is what i am doing. let me tell you guys a little of how the day went, it was a very beautiful day, at 12:00 am 06 of january 2013 people started calling and wishing me happy birthday and i was so happy, notifications coming here and there facebook, instagram,kik, whatsapp and other social networks, i was indeed overwhelmed. so thank you all for the love. i went out that day to have a drink, and i had  3 shots of vodka. later that day i organised a little birthday get together and invited few friends. omg it was beautiful, i was so excited, ok am talking to much but the day went well and we played a lot of crazy games. i love my friends and thank you all for coming, you guys made the day memorable.  I LOVE YOU ALL.

monochrome dress: gift from the boo
shoe: centro
dinner dress: ebay
shoe: primark
jewelries: ali express

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

BLAZER KINDA DAY (animal print blazer)

HEY DARLINGS.......... 06-01-2014 was a very beautiful day and a day to remember because it was my birthday YAY!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME . First of all i just want to thank God for my life, family, friends and of course for you all. it was a very beautiful day cause i never knew i was loved like that. family and friends kept on calling  to wish me happy birthday, i was super excited. i had a mini party in my house and invited some close friends over and the party was fun, you could check my instagram here for some of the party pictures but i will upload some later here on the blog. HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN and have a lovely time here <3<3                                                      OUTFIT DETAILS
blazer: aliexpress
shirt: bershka
trouser: tally weijl
shoe: tally weijl
earrings: aliexpress
bun: ebay